About Beerbike

All our bikes are custom-built and damage-proof, build for a ride of a lifetime... with beer!

A special Dutch team! Professionals in making an awesome trip through Amsterdam and having fun.


Beerbike is a brand of Damtours
Everything we do we can totally customised to meet your exact needs. We are able to offer you the flexibility to select which elements of our extensive, tried and tested product range you would like and if someone cannot make a certain element, no problem.

A committed team!
Our team of committed organisers are based at Amsterdam and are ready, willing and able to deliver the ultimate stag do ideas for the weekend to remember.

Why Damtours?
Damtours has a variety of activities and daytrips to offer in Amsterdam - whether it is a active family getaway, bachelor party (stag party) or any other group arrangement. On this website you can read all about it, including the starting point for each activity and the price per person.

At Damtours we can also plan a custom-made daytrip for you. You can combine different activities (like the beerbike Amsterdam) and determine the starting times and order of these activities.

Would you like a taxi from Schiphol to your hotel, a snack afterwards, or start with a delicious lunch?
It’s all possible at Damtours!

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• April – Oktober > booking by e-mail/ phone
• This service is 7 days a week
• From 10.30 till 22.30 or later
• Duration: 75 min.
• Location: Amsterdam



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