Super Friday + Sunday Beer Bike Special

Friday and Sunday discountdays!

We offer the Super Friday + Sunday Beer Bike Special in order to start off your weekend perfectly or to end it with a laugh!

€ 350, 00 per group

Cycling near the city centre of Amsterdam, are you up for it? A sober driver (BOB) will drive through the streets of Amsterdam, passing several hotspots while you enjoy a cold beer. Different names for this bike are the beer bike, bar on wheels and party bike. We guarantee a ride you never forget!

The beer bike is ideal for companies and stag do’s. Because it’s in the center of Amsterdam and it’s ideal to combine with other activities.

Our beer bikes are the only bikes in Holland with electric pedal assistance. Due to the canopy top we can go around the whole year, whether it’s sunny or rainy. The beer bike is suitable for 5 up to 16 persons. We have multiple bikes so bigger groups aren’t a problem. Ask for the special big group offers.

A tour with the beerbike is private for 1,5 hours and inclusive 20 Liters of cold beer.

We have multiple bikes, so bigger groups aren’t a problem.

The startlocation is in front of Piet Heinkade 95A

Is the group less then 5 persons?
Let us know and we will look for a solution.

- Private beer bike 1,5 hours
- 20L of cold beer from the tap
- Suitable for 5 up to 16 persons (multiple bikes available)
- Canopy top on bike (if needed)
- Electric Pedal Assistence (unique in the Netherlands)

When somebody of the group is not drinking beer, he/she can take them own drinks to the beer bike. We can also provide Prosecco, a bottle of 0,75L is € 10,00.

- Other times are possible. Inquire about the conditions


  • A sober driver
  • Private Bike
  • A roof in case of bad weather
  • 20L Cold Beer
  • Electric peddle assistance


On Fridays and Sundays we offer a discount of €50,-

5 up to 9 persons € 300,00, normally € 350,00
10 up to 13 persons € 350,00, normally € 400,00
14 up to 16 persons € 400,00, normally € 450,00

Start and finish time:

- 10.30-12.00
- 12.00-13.30
- 13.30-15.00
- 15.00-16.30
- 16.30-18.00
- 18.00-19.30
- 19.30-21.00

How to book?

1. Check the availability online!
2. You pay the whole amount up front. 
3. You can choose to pay by bank transfer or by Credit Card.
4. After payment you receive automatically the voucher with all the information you need.
5. Print the voucher and bring it with you!

Ready to go!