Hangover City Game + Beer Bike

Bachelor party complete!

First of all a crazy city game and aftter that a fantastic Beer Bike tour around the famous canals and hotspots of Amsterdam! The Hangover. It's a virtual game in the city of Amsterdam, we guarantee some uncontrolled laughter and exciting action.

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Hangover City Game!
Who didn't see the movie? Remember this scene? You have all experienced a truly thrilling bachelor bash yesterday, so much fun even that waking up is the hard part. Lost teeth, stolen wallets, a horrible tattoo and a bursting headache. And the worst thing yet, the wedding is planned for today and all kinds of arrangements still have to be made.

 Using a tablet, you'll will be guided criss-cross through the city. The object of the game is to collect coins to reclaim your teeth, to pay for the rings and your wedding suite. All these items have to be delivered at City Hall or the wedding venue.

To make things even more spectacular, we have added some virtual characters to the game. You must try and dodge the stripper you met at yesterday's party. Also the groom's ex and his mother in law are currently present in the city. and don't look back! Afterwards, while enjoying a well deserved drink, the winning team will be announced. Can the marriage still be saved? We hope so!


- Professional supervision
- 1 drink and snack
- 1 tablet for each team
- Award for the winning team
- Can be booked on day and time you prefer!

Private Beer Bike ride

The Beer Bike tour is private for 1,5 hours and inclusive 20L of cold beer, sober driver and gadget for every member. The tour is starting near the Central Station and you will do a ride around the famous canals and the hotspot of the city.

You can book this arrangement with fewer participants than stated on this page, if you are willing to pay for the required number!


  • Hangover game: - Professional supervision
  • Hangover game: 1 tablet for each team
  • Hangover game: 1 drink and 1 snack
  • Hangover game: award for the winning team
  • Hangover game: Can be booked on day and time you prefer!
  • Beer Bike: private tour for 1,5 hours
  • Beer Bike: sober driver
  • Beer Bike: 20L of cold beer
  • Beer Bike: roof in case of bad weather
  • Beer Bike: gadget for every number

Start and finish time:

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