Awesome tours in Amsterdam!

We behave like the city locals and enjoy it every day with you!

With our own driver-guide and a specific route on wide open roads we cruise through Amsterdam.

Beer bike + Dinner + Pub crawl

€ 85,00 per person!

A compiled package that will make your day unforgettable!

Beer Bike Experience

€ 400,00 per group!

Traveling on Amsterdam on a beer bike, who doesn't want that? A BOB controls the bicycle so that the entire group can enjoy a fun tour through Amsterdam with a self-tapped beer!

Private Beer and Bubbles group bike

€ 425,00 per group!

We have the Beer & Bubbles bike especially for mixed groups! This tour is private for 1.5 hours and includes a BOB, which shows you the best and most beautiful hotspots in Amsterdam.

Super Friday + Sunday Beer Bike Tour

€ 400,00 per group!

Get the weekend off to a good start or end well with a tour on a beer bike through Amsterdam.

Sharing Beer and Prosecco Bike

€ 40,00 per person!

Are you alone in Amsterdam or with a small group? That is no longer a problem! From now on you can also experience the beer bike tour as an individual or with a small group.

Private Tapas Cruise

€ 54,50 per person!

Tapas restaurants are becoming increasingly popular and what could be nicer to combine that with a wonderful cruise through the Amsterdam canals.

Pizza Cruise

€ 44,50 per person!

3 in 1! Boating, eating and drinking, what more do you want? Success guaranteed! Enjoy a pizza of your choice and unlimited beer, soda and prosecco.

All in Cruise Amsterdam

€ 39,50 per person!

Sailing through Amsterdam with a delicious drink for 1.15 hours through the canals, who wouldn't want that. The all-in cruise is unlimited drinking throughout the entire journey.

Experience this BBQ experience

€ 54,50 per person!

In addition to the Beer Bike, we also have beautiful boats sailing in Amsterdam. Take a boat trip through the famous canals of the capital in two hours. See the history and experience the hotspots.

Sloop Rental

€ 175,00 per person!

In addition to bicycles, we also have the option of sailing by boat. For example, on our old-fashioned lifeboat Hugo from 1967, you will experience a wonderful day on Amsterdam's water.

Prosecco cruise and bike

€ 75,00 per person!

An ideal combination in the heart of Amsterdam! View Amsterdam in two different ways.

Beer boat + Beer bike discount deal!

€ 75,00 per person!

See Amsterdam in two special ways by bike and sloop. You can see the hotspots of the center by bike and of course you have to experience the canals of Amsterdam.

Friday Special Beer bike + beer boat

€ 65,00 per person!

This must be a Friday! Get the weekend off to a good start with this package deal. A golden combination to festively start the weekend.

Beer bicycles with a sexy ending

€ 475,00 per group!

A BOB controls the bicycle so that the entire group can enjoy a self-tapped beer! The tour goes through the center and takes you to a few hotspots of Amsterdam!

Prosecco bike with a sexy end

€ 475,00 per group!

A BOB controls the bicycle so that the entire group can enjoy a delicious glass of Prosecco! The tour goes through the hotspots of Amsterdam.

Private Prosecco group bike

€ 400,00 per group!

This tour is extremely suitable for ladies groups! A new variant on the beer bike and ideal for a bachelor party or company outing! A BOB will do a great tour through Amsterdam with you.


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