Beer bike tours Amsterdam.

Book your Beer Bike online tour and enjoy a super day with your friends!

We got the best activities of Amsterdam for each group size and every budget.

Super Friday + Sunday Beer Bike Tour

€ 350,00 per group!

Get the weekend off to a good start or end well with a tour on a beer bike through Amsterdam.

Private Beer and Bubbles group bike

€ 425,00 per group!

We have the Beer & Bubbles bike especially for mixed groups! This tour is private for 1.5 hours and includes a BOB!

Beer Bike Experience

€ 400,00 per group!

Traveling on Amsterdam on a beer bike, who doesn't want that? A BOB controls the beer bicycle so that the entire group can enjoy a fun tour through Amsterdam with an ice cold beer!


We've got BeerBike packages and lots of other awesome trips! So check it out!

Sloop Rental

€ 175,00 per person!

In addition to bicycles, we also have the option of sailing by boat. For example, on our old-fashioned lifeboat Hugo from 1967, you will experience a wonderful day on Amsterdam's water.

Get aboard to taste a delicious BBQ menu from real butcher!

€ 55,00 per person!

All in Cruise Amsterdam

€ 40,00 per person!

Sailing through Amsterdam with a delicious drink for 1.15 hours through the canals, who wouldn't want that. The all-in cruise is unlimited drinking throughout the entire journey.

Pizza Cruise

€ 44,50 per person!

3 in 1! Boating, eating and drinking, what more do you want? Success guaranteed! Enjoy a pizza of your choice and the possibility to book drinks online.

Private Tapas Cruise

€ 54,50 per person!

Tapas restaurants are becoming increasingly popular and what could be nicer to combine that with a wonderful cruise through the Amsterdam canals.

Sharing Beer and Prosecco Bike

€ 40,00 per person!

Are you alone in Amsterdam or with a small group? That is no longer a problem! From now on you can also experience the beer bike tour as an individual or with a small group.

This was an awesome trip!

I had a great time with my friends in Amsterdam. We booked the BeerBike tour and had a lot of fun with very amusing moments and a lot of beer!

Andy Lawrence