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€ 400,00 per group

Beer Bike Amsterdam Experience
See the best of Amsterdam with this Beer Bike Experience. Ideal activity for your stag or hen party! You can tap your own cold beers and the sober driver will let you see some of the best hotspots of the city with this tour! Are you ready to discover Amsterdam with your party crew?!

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€ 400,00 per group

Prosecco Bike Experience
For your hen party we've got the private Prosecco bike! The tour is private for 1,5 hour and includes a bottle of Prosecco (0,75ml) per person and asober driver. See the hotspots of Amsterdam, and make your stay complete with this crazy party tour!

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€ 425,00 per group

Beer Bubbles Bike
For groups with different taste we provide the Beer & Bubbles Bike. Complete your event in Amsterdam with this private group bike tour. The sober driver of the bike will let you see the hotspots near the city center. The tour is private for 1,5 hours and includes 5 bottles of Prosecco (0,75ml) and 20L of COLD beer, cheers!

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€ 350,00
per group action price

Super Friday + Sunday Beer Bike Special
We offer the Super Friday + Sunday Beer Bike Special in order to start off your weekend perfectly or to end it with a laugh!

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€ 40,00 per person

Sharing Beer and Prosecco Bike Saturday 18:00
Are you with less then 5 people in Amsterdam or alone? It's not a problem anymore! Every Saturday night we have a sharing Beer/Prosecco Bike. Feel like a local and meet other people with a tour you will never forget! You need to send us an email to be on the list.

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€ 59,50 per person

Tapas Cruise
Tapas restaurants are becoming increasingly popular and what could be more fun to combine that with a delicious pace through the Amsterdam canals. This cruise is a real hit to enjoy carefree drinks and snacks. There is something for everyone.

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€ 49,50 per person

Pizza Cruise
Sailing, eating and drinking, is there a better combination? Success guaranteed! Enjoy a pizza of your choice and unlimited beer, soda and prosecco. While sailing, you can see the canals from another side.

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€ 45,00 per person

All in Cruise Amsterdam
Cruise through Amsterdam with a delicious drink for 1.5 hours through the canals who do not want it. The all-in cruise is unlimited drinking during the entire trip. The package consists of beer, prosecco and soda. We have different boats, which we use based on the size of the group. The maximum for boats is 34 person.s

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€ 59,50 per person

BBQ Canal Cruise in Amsterdam
Besides the beer bike we also have beautiful boats sailing in Amsterdam. Make a cruise in two hours through the famous canals of the capital. Besides a skipper on board, there will be a professional cook as well who will provide you with delicious food.

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€ 175,00 per person

Bring your own
Besides the bikes we also have the possibility to sail by boat. For example, on our old-fashioned rescue boat Hugo from 1967 you will experience a wonderful day on the Amsterdam water. The boat is electrically powered and therefore it is possible to sail silently with a group (of up to twenty people) through the Amsterdam canals.

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Beer/Prosecco Bike Amsterdam

Why you need to book with us?

- You can tap your own cold beer! No cheap cans
- All our bikes have Electric Peddle assistance
- All more then 15 year Experience
- Roof top
- Guided tour
- Always a private bike

- You can book the Beer/Prosecco Bike online for the best rate.

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Private Canal Cruise on the famous canals of Amsterdam with food and drinks!

We have also our own boats on the famous canals of Amsterdam! We provide booze cruises with BBQ;s, Burgers, pizza;s, tapas and many more great cruises! 

See our website  for all our boat tours in Amsterdam!

If you want the group bike + private canal cruise, let us know and we will give you special package deals!

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